Thursday, August 11, 2005

ten more things that are better than money

71. sacred heart milagros.

72. wandering through a museum, having most of the art wash right over me and then all at once i see something that moves me and i am riveted.

73. killing time with familiar strangers in a foreign country.

74. having a beauty day at home because i’m too broke or too lazy to go anywhere else.

75. getting the last of something that i know is really good, no matter what it is—a particular bottle of shampoo, a funky looking tumbler in an old shop, a bite of food, the last piece of pie.

76. wandering through vintage clothing stores, whether i want to buy anything or not.

77. standing in my grandfather’s bedroom—smelling his pipe, seeing his clothes in the closet and imagining that he’s nearby. all of a sudden, he’s not gone forever—he’s gone to the store, and he’ll be right back.

78. running around anywhere in texas with jack.

79. having ralph explain something layered and complicated that somehow flummoxed everyone else when i asked them, but he makes it sound simple and cool, even.

80. getting lost in a really good book, especially if i’m surrounded by people in a public place.

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