Friday, August 19, 2005

it's nearly dawn

listening to bob dylan's "blonde on blonde" after having just watched warren beatty in "shampoo," a farce about the sex in the swingin' 70's.

debbie fisher looked so young. and yeah, the clothes got me: goldie hawn's silver lame minidress; julie christie's sparkly black backless gown; some of those squared off suits i saw the extras wearing; the hippies and the freaks at the party and how they were presented. after seeing beatty rolling around on the floor all over julie christie by the light of that fridge in the poolhouse/cabana naked from the waist down, i totally get why everyone carried on over him the way that they did, back in the day. he looked kind of stunning in that movie, riding around on a triumph motorbike, his perfectly coiffed hair flying in the breeze just so.

i can't stop thinking about how he went around having sex with everyone and it didn't mean any more to him than a handshake. how everyone else shifted gears about their free sex approach and changed/readjusted in some enormous way except him. or maybe he did, finally -- but it was too little, too late.

next up tomorrow: tom cruise in "born on the 4th of july" and hitchcock's "north by northwest."

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