Thursday, August 18, 2005

i don't know what's wrong with me...

jc hopkins and i are doing an interview for npr (national public radio) tomorrow morning at 10am to promote the biggish band cd Underneath A Brooklyn Moon. it's almost 2:30am. why am i not asleep? what in the world am i doing?

well. at the moment, i'm watching the vh1 reality show "hogan knows best" with one eye while i clean and organize my room with the other. i just got through scrubbing out my kitchen, right down to the dingy off-white floor that never seems to get clean enough, even after i blast it with bleach and cleanser and whatnot. when i got to the back of the fridge, i found a dead mouse that had been in a glue trap for so long, it was rotting. i didn't know what it was at first glance. how foul is that? i'm annoyed because i scrubbed my vinyl embroidered martha stewart tablecloth with a bleach based cleanser and it dripped onto my martha stewart chair pads and totally ruined at least two of them. and yes, i love martha stewart's products. i love her 250 thread count bedsheets. i really do. i don't know anything about her as a person and i don't care to know. as long as she keeps making quality stuff that's affordable and that makes my apartment look more like a home and less like a crummy place that i sack out in every night, i will totally keep buying it.

i used to clean everything once a week but then i fell off because i was working all the time in the middle of the night and then sleeping during the day. and now i've fallen back on because i'm spending a lot of time here and i want a clean place to live. a dollar and a twinkie says that my roommate complains about the smell tomorrow because i used bleach. he's quick to clean a dish in the sink but he won't scour the apartment unless one of his parents is coming from the west coast for a visit. whatever. as soon as i get some real money, i'm going to buy a place and live alone. even if i ever get married, i'm going to live alone. we'll have to have conjugal visits. we'll figure something out. but i'm not living with anyone else. i've had it.

okay. now i'm watching iron chef on the food channel. weeeeeeee! i love iron chef. (gasp! they're having an asparagus battle!) i can't wait to see what kind of dessert they come up with for this one...

am i turning into a sleepless howard hughes or what? then again, it feels so good to walk into a clean room -- especially if that room is a kitchen. i'm on a roll. i can feel it. whenever i wake up in the next day or so, i'm definitely going to clean everything else.

this is going to be a very interesting interview tomorrow.

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