Monday, August 29, 2005

little luxuries

  1. getting fully dressed before i put my dress on, in layers of old fashioned lingerie: garters, stockings, waist cinchers, slips, corsets. all that stuff.
  2. baking the perfect pound cake.
  3. walking through harlem and waving at everyone like i know them -- and everyone waving at me, like they know me, too.
  4. going into my favorite restaurant and having them greet me like an old friend and fix my usual without my having to ask for it.
  5. sleep.
  6. wandering through an old clothing store and finding the perfect vintage dress in mint condition that fits like it was made for me.
  7. buffalo china.
  8. walking aimlessly through the city with my digital camera on my wrist.
  9. manicure/pedicure at jeniette salon.
  10. daydreaming.


piu piu said...

watching beautiful films and reading great books.....

queenesther said...

a book is a luxury, isn't it? and right now, netflix is one of my closest friends.

Sex and the Sushi said...

Sunday mornings in Fall, just before it gets really cold. I’m snuggled under my down comforter, my fashion and feminist magazines (yes the two can peacefully coexist) surround me as I sip on a big cup of Costa Rican coffee (sugar and just a drop of cream. What a life!

Ms. GD