Monday, August 15, 2005


thankfully, the radio interview/performances with jc hopkins on wfuv's idiot delight with vin went off without a hitch. read all about it (and anything else i'm up to music-wise) at my music blog This Rock 'n Roll Blackgrrl's High Life: A Cautionary Tale.

the good news? they're going to archive the whole thing on their website as of wednesday (the day after tomorrow), so anyone in the world can listen to it whenever they want. (just put jc hopkins biggish band in the search box. it should pop right up.) the kicker: i sing, for the very first time ever, a really beautiful song called "everything is going to be alright" that jc wrote with vocalist victoria williams, who lives in the mojave desert. (i don't know why i think that's so bizarre and cool that she lives there, but i do.) it's the only recording that's out there so far, and it's only available online on that radio show. is that cool or what?

and if you want to see my digital pix on flickr, go here.

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