Tuesday, August 16, 2005

emmett's new suit

yesterday, shell and i ran around together in the late afternoon/early evening. she came with me to dr. kessler's office to get my vocal cords examined because i wanted her to see what was involved. afterwards, we went to the post office to send off packages and then we zipped up 3rd ave through midtown in her mini van and ran some quick-fast errands.

lets see now. well, i got my next to last check from the day job with some sorrow and fanfare. i hate change. even if it's good for me. and this change definitely is. my good guy boss was nice enough to come outside and bring it to me because i couldn't bring myself to set foot in that building again. and then we met up with wanda, the cool rock 'n roll photographer that took pictures of me for my gig and for the gig with jc at makor. she was nice enough to come outside and give us the photos on cds. i'm sure they look fantastic.

the last stop was at jc's tailor. as the proprietor put his suits in a bag, i looked around the place. it was so beautiful. lovely silk ties and hand-made shoes and manly suits. the most extraordinary shirts in colors like pink and a soft green that exploded in the window like a bouquet of wildflowers. my first thought was, i want to buy a suit for emmett from this place. something elegant and refined and manly and cool. something he'll have from now on, from me especially. he deserves that. i think it would be the just-right wedding present.

i may have six brothers, but i only have one emmett. he's more of a middle child than i am. he's found the love of his life. i'd like to celebrate it with him, somehow. they don't want any wedding presents and i know they'd like a special suit for him, for the wedding. this one will be special, from me. the more i think about it, the more i want him to have it.

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