Thursday, August 11, 2005

guess what?

i got a management deal! undertow collective has decided to add me to their roster. they love the cd and they "get" the "Black Americana" concept. the first order of business: getting me a record deal. it's been a long hard road, folks. i'm humbled and so very grateful to God to have made it this far.

i'd jump up and down if i weren't so exhausted. i still haven't caught up on sleep from my third shift middle-of-the-night life. that may not happen for months anyway but my forgetting to turn the ringer off because everyone loves to call me before noon doesn't help, either. i got to bed around 4am and then my mother called me at 7:30am and then my brother damon called around 9am. after that, everything was a blur until the meeting with amy later that afternoon.

i think i'll celebrate this momentous occasion by going to bed early.


piu piu said...

hurray! just in time yes?

queenesther said...

unbelievable, the way things work, isn't it? not that there's any money yet but wow. it's definitely confirmation.

i'm so glad i'm writing about all this in a 'blog. if anything happens to me, i'll need to follow the trail of missteps and wrong encounters that got me there.