Saturday, September 07, 2013

Work With What You Got

I saw this Canadian movie Goon last night and totally I loved it.  I tripped up over it on The Movie Channel (which is pretty spot-on, most of the time).  Or maybe I loved Seann William Scott and what a brawler he was. And ditto for Liev Schreiber.  Jay Baruchel -- who played the hockey-obsessed best friend -- co-wrote it.  Not surprisingly, it's based on a true story about Doug "The Hammer" Smith. I don't know what's cooler -- the tale of his life run amok or the story of how the movie got made.  Filmmaking is so convoluted sometimes that it's amazing any big budget projects get made at all.

Goon vaguely reminded me of that Paul Newman movie Slap Shot, which is still hilarious.

Here's a compilation of Doug Smith's career in hockey.  Some of it is actually kind of breathtaking.  It's hard enough for me to throw a left hook with my feet planted on the ground. I can't even imagine trying to pull that off in ice skates.  Why was I not surprised when they revealed at the end of the film that he's a police officer now?

Oh -- and this poppy little ditty was all over the end credits. Who in the world is Socalled and why havent I heard of him before?

That rapper should sound really familiar -- it's Roxanne Shante!

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