Monday, September 02, 2013

happy labor day

all of a sudden, it's not summer anymore. there was this cold snap and it rattled the sunshine and the warmth out of everything and then it rained a lot and that was that. it's pretty soggy outside now.  not that rain is going to keep anyone in my neighborhood from barbecuing on the sidewalk.

hello, fall.

i'm inbetween decisions, bouncing ideas around, up to my neck in rewrites and, as usual, i'm running with scissors.  i feel quite fortunate because songs are still coming at me -- fully formed, full of feeling, insistent -- and i'm full of resolve to finish what i've started, namely self-releasing my next album, getting my musical the billie holiday project developed and produced and making a short film idea a reality. 

in the meantime, i'm doing a severe amount of spring cleaning and throwing things away with strategic abandon. God. i am such a hoarder. something has to snap me out of it or so help me Jesus, i'll end up like one of those old ladies that's buried alive in a houseful of clothes, useless expensive piffle and of course garbage.

i've returned to boxing with an absolute vengeance -- because nothing annoys me more than not being able to fit into my clothes every season.  and besides, i think i'm actually getting good at it.

ok. gotta go.  time for that daily five mile run that's supposed to give me the endurance i need to not collapse from exhaustion when i really throw myself into a boxing conditioning session.

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