Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I voted already. Did you?

I went to a local elementary school with MPB a few blocks from home and voted this morning. I didn't have to show any ID whatsoever.  I signed where indicated, took a numbered card, and then I gave that card to a volunteer before I stepped into a booth, pulled a lever and did my civic duty.  We got there so early, we were actually the 8th and 9th voters for the day. Huzzah!

I can't even begin to imagine what we as a people had to endure as we as newly freed former slaves were systematically disenfranchised from every aspect of society, including the voting process.  Tens of thousands of honest, hard-working, tax-paying Americans lost their lives to the brutality of home grown terrorism run amok, simply because they wanted to exercise their right to vote -- while the federal government looked the other way. The Voter ID Laws -- now active in 30 states -- shouldn't surprise anyone that's paying attention.

Was any of that 2012 voter fraud information real? No, it wasn't.  (Surprise!)

Here's your challenge for the day:  can you can pass the voter's test that the state of Louisiana gave to African-Americans in the 1960s? If you'd like to try, please click here.

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