Thursday, September 19, 2013

the cool list

this is the stuff i think is cool at the moment, in no order whatsoever.
  1. avon naturals chocolate ice cream scrub (this comes in vanilla and strawberry, too) -- if you can find this product, grab it. it's incredible. i can't believe they've discontinued this stuff. thank goodness i stocked up this summer...
  2. seychelles footwear -- beautiful vintage looking heels (because nothing screams amateur like a lovely vintage frock and contemporary shoes), remarkably comfortable to dance in and since i can write them off on my taxes, totally affordable.
  3. my martin ukulele -- probably because playing it is so easy, even i can do it.
  4. -- thanks to neil santos (and yes, a LOT of practice), i'm finally learning how to play guitar. (his book the guitar simplified is pretty dope, too.)   
  5. hot jazz at mona's -- this is the best kept secret in new york city: a slew of traditional/hot jazz players are squeezing themselves into a little bar on avenue b every tuesday (until 4am!) and ripping through some of the best music in the 20th century.  sitting at the bar and letting it wash over you is an absolute blast. sitting in with mona's hot four is kind of epic.

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