Friday, September 06, 2013

Future Gratitude

Here's the top ten things I did today that the future me feels truly grateful. (The truth is, I do most of this stuff every day.)
  1. I did my morning pages. I don't know why/how that sets everything right creatively but it does.
  2. I used exceptional products on my skin, as usual. I've been borderline obsessive about my skin since college and the payoff has been nothing short of immeasurable. More on that later.
  3. I used plenty of excellent sunscreen.
  4. I used exceptional products on my hair -- an argan oil 7-in-1 leave-in conditioner, to be specific -- which is growing like crazy.  (Gotta love Curlbox.)
  5. I gobbled down my daily supplements: biotin, collagen, calcium and a powerhouse 
  6. I didn't eat any garbage.
  7. I pulled out my guitar and wrote a pretty cool rock and roll song.
  8. I had a great consultation with my periodontist. After two years of x-rays, cleanings, implants and bone graftings, Invisalign, here I come! (Finally.)
  9. I put in ten miles on my bike. I know that doesn't sound like much but it's way more than the mileage I would have clocked from my couch.
  10. I worked on rewrites.

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