Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ten things you must give up to move forward.

I'll bet you a dollar and a Twinkie that this stuff isn't anything you haven't heard already.  These are microwave-ready, self-help truisms that are floating around in the miasma of our everyday, ordinary lives, like clouds in the sky. We've all seen them. We all know them. So why isn't everyone doing them?

Everyone grows into or out of whatever it is whenever they're ready, willing and able.  My blazing epiphany of the day happened when I realized I'd crossed all ten of these bridges a long time ago. All of a sudden, I grew up and moved forward. I don't know when that happened -- or how! -- but I'm quite relieved that it did. 

Right. Well! Off I go, to box/play guitar/have tea/run a mile in 10 minutes/get a facial/make cool art -- not necessarily in that order. Enjoy!

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