Wednesday, September 17, 2008

three bottles of ketchup

first of all, i've got great news! i've finally found the place i want to live. then again, who wouldn't want to live here? yes, it's a penthouse -- and yes, it's in harlem.

nevermind the fact that there are only two bedrooms. it's that 1,000 square foot wraparound terrace with ultra fantastic views of the city that did it for me. (heh.)

and yes, i've finally found a car that i actually want. it's so beautiful and cool and sleek, it's probably going to be the reason i learn how to drive. that's right -- it's the tesla roadster: 100% electric, 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, 244 miles per charge. and yes, there's more.  clearly, elon musk is a genius.

the last time i was this excited about a car, it had muscles.

and last but not least, thanks to the algae bloom in my aquarium, i want to fill it with really colorful, pretty catfish -- like this one.  having a tank full of bottom feeders for awhile would be interesting. when i move into that harlem penthouse, i'll get a tank full of sharks.

hey -- didn't scarface have a shark-filled aquarium?


Lovely Lady Luxe said...

I'm loving the penthouse! Oooooo, I wanna come too! lol! :)

queenesther said...

with the way the economy is going nowadays, we could both end up with one of those. seriously.