Monday, September 01, 2008

i am NOT a vagina american!

i admire any woman in this day and age that has accomplished anything at all, irregardless of her political stance. but this vice presidential choice is flat-out ridiculous.

think about it: if mc cain wanted a woman on the ticket, he had many accomplished intelligent educated candidates to choose from -- candidates who have put years (and in come cases, decades) into their political careers, and have proven themselves on a national and international platform. any thinking republican knows who they are. elizabeth dole, for example -- BA Duke University, post-grad work at Oxford, MA from Harvard in education, Harvard Law graduate, worked under johnson and nixon. she's the only woman in washington, dc that's worked as a cabinet secretary for two federal departments (transportation and labor) under two presidents (reagan and bush). mrs. dole would have been a smart choice, someone that could realistically be vice president.

he could have picked secretary of state dr. condoleeza rice, put a black woman on the ticket and trumped them all! i will argue that there is no female in politics today with (the exception of madeliene albright) that is more educated or accomplished than she is -- BA political science Phi Beta Kappa, U of Denver, Masters in political science from the U of Notre Dame and then a PhD in political science from graduate school of international studies in denver at the ripe old age of 26 (!!!). nevermind the fact that she was/is a professor at stanford, or that she's an accomplished classical pianist or that she speaks spanish, french, russian and german. she was the first female, first african american, and the youngest ever to be appointed provost at stanford. and that ain't all.

now, that's vice presidential material.

who did mccain choose? the newly elected governor of alaska (only 20 months on the job), a state that's density in population ranks it as the 17th largest city in america (the school district in new york city handles more kids than the entire population of alaska); a former mayor of wasilla, a town with a population that's not as big as most college campuses; a self-described hockey mom of five, a former sportcaster and a failed beauty queen who by her own admission has no idea what a vice president does all day. no one seems to be paying attention to the fact that she is pro-life, that she believes in teaching creationism in schools, and that she has zip foreign policy experience (has she ever been to a foreign country? and please don't say canada -- that parallels bush the younger with only mexico under his belt as the newly nonelected president). She is also a lifetime member of the NRA. (protecting yourself with a handgun is one thing, but why should civilians own uzis?) remember: at 72, mccain is the oldest candidate for presidency, ever. if something happens to him -- and yes, he has health issues -- she'll be the leader of the free world. if that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

she's a force to be reckoned with like thunder curdles milk. clearly, it's going to take a lot more than a patriotic, gun-toting working mom to get us out of this mess.

i'm a lot of things but what i am not is a vagina american. i've never voted with my gender and i'm not about to start now. but i will tell you this: anyone who is all for this ticket deserves exactly what mccain and palin will turn this country into if they are elected: an arctic region covered with ice. and if they are elected, i will be more than happy to suffer through their four years in office, just to watch the people who voted for them get exactly what they deserve.

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