Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 documentary -- did you know?

do i expect you to sit and watch this 90 minute documentary in its entirety? no, i do not. what i would hope is that you would not simply accept anything that the government tells you regarding 9/11 -- or anything else, for that matter -- as fact. then again, i think that the american public has a very hard time flat-out believing what the powers that be have to say about their colossal screw-ups since president kennedy was murdered in office. and senator kennedy's murder. and rev. dr. martin l. king, jr's murder. and malcolm x's murder. and fred hampton's murder .

i know that assassination attempts are made against presidents all the time -- but when was the last time a republican president was murdered? why are they so successful at offing the leaders who want to empower the general populace and who genuinely intend to do the people the most good?

they wiped out virtually everyone in the entire chicago headquarters of the black panther party. and why? because they had a free breakfast program for black children? because after dr. king died, things began to shift from racial issues to social and economic ones? because they were "commies"? think of the leadership we would have in our midst as african-americans right now if that particular massacre -- perpetuated by the chicago police and the fbi and "ignored" by the federal government -- hadn't happened.

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