Sunday, September 07, 2008

a day of prayer

here's what i'll be doing today: prayer in the square, sponsored by the church i attend. they're having an early service at 1pm and then at 3pm everyone will walk en masse to 44th and broadway. guesstimates expect over 10.000 people from over 100 churches in the tri-state area to pray for new york city and the nation. there will be a 180 member choir, simulcasts on the news astrovision screen (the jumbotron!) at 1 times square -- and yes, everybody is welcome.

they're going to broadcast the whole thing on the radio and there's live webcasts, too -- manna for the shut-in crowd and out-of-towners. the whole world can plug into this! here's the details:

Live radio broadcast:
STAR 99.1 FM (New York)
WEVA 105.1 FM (Washignton D.C.)
WFIL 560 AM (Philadelphia)
XM RADIO Channel 170 (Satellite Radio)

Live webcast on:


Ron Johns Jr. said...

Wow - that sounds awesome! I'm sure they'll have some great worship music in the background during that time in prayer...

queenesther said...

it was truly incredible. i have to blog about it -- there's too much to tell.