Thursday, September 11, 2008

nerdcore hip-hop

my friend -- the ultimate star wars geek -- knows this song cold. (he used to play it at the slipper room all the time.) of course, i'd never heard it before last week. now i think i love it more than he does. i've definitely heard of nerdcore hip hop music, though. i much prefer the hybrids that have sprung out of hip-hop and rap. they tend to be much more interesting and inventive stateside (hick hop), and more political in the rest of the world than anyone in these parts would dare to consider. i'll level with you -- the last hip hop CD i laid out cash money to own was definitely public enemy. and i still listen to all their stuff all the time, because it's just that good -- and still valid. we really do have to fight the powers that be. so there.

now that 60 minutes is doing a story on mc chris and the nerdcore hip hop movement that's been up and running for the past 10 years or so, i suppose the genre really is dead. i admire him because he grew his audience as a voiceover artist/writer with adult swim, all 6 of his CDs are DIY self-released (like most if not all nerdcore hip-hop artists) and selling well, he's doing sold out shows on the warped tour '08.

someone told me once that if i got on tv, i'd have the success i want. i 'm beginning to think that they're right.

here for your listening pleasure is fett's vette, from the album life's a bitch and i'm her pimp. what an addictive whiny sissified little voice he has, and what an irresistably hooky little tune. i'll bet you a dollar and a twinkie you love it as much as i do.

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