Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bougie Black Show podcast

i did a podcast with writer/cultural critic stephen jordan III for his podcast the bougie black show that he calls black folks talkin' that basically amounted to just that -- us, sitting in a park in harlem and talking, unscripted and unedited:

Ever wanted to eavesdrop on black folks' conversations? Here's your chance! ! ! This episode multitalented artist Queen Esther joins host Stephen Earley Jordan II for some intense "Black Talk" as they sit along the riverside in Manhattan. They discuss black women and perms, differences between blacks and whites, why black folks are scared of water; Texas hurricane victims; post-traumatic slave syndrome; hip-hop culture vs the n-word and our responsibility to the youth; Whether Michelle Obama a nappy-headed ho; Harlem and its gentrification and more.

Hotline: 206 600 6383

Playlist includes:
1. Get It Right This Time - Queen Esther
2. Revolution - Nina Simone
3. Florida - Diplo
4. Nowhere to Run - Laura Nyro
5. New York City - Queen Esther

stephen says i should have my own podcast. God knows i'd never run out of subject matter. i think it would be a great way to introduce new songs and document these epic conversations i keep having with the brilliant people in my life.

let's see what develops.

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