Wednesday, September 03, 2008

terrence howard sings?

will oscar-nominated actor terrence howard's jazz debut CD shine through it succeed? who can say? one thing is certain: just because one has a great love of music doesn't mean that you can or should sing. it especially doesn't mean that you can or should sing jazz -- or call whatever comes out of your mouth "jazz" because you genuinely appreciate the genre.

here's an interesting quote from the new york times article about the album's release:

"When Mr. Howard would not relent [on his demand to produce the album himself], [Sony Label Group VP] Lisa Ellis gave him a modest prerecording budget, essentially in the hope that he would learn how difficult making an album is and agree to revisit the list [of producers] she had provided. Instead "he called me five days later and goes, 'Lisa, I'm done with the album.'"

they say musicians want to be actors and actors want to be musicians. this particular blackgrrl actor/musician/artist just wants to stay employed.

for your viewing pleasure, here's mr. howard's beautifully shot, overly-produced jazz (?) single sanctuary. enjoy.


Strumpet said...

You can say overproduced again. I think he may have been better off ending his singing career after Hustle and Flow.

queenesther said...

i agree with you - they needed all those violins to distract you from the fact that he can't really sing. bizarre but true - this CD will probably sell like latkes because he's already famous.

Yobachi said...

He really can't sing, and that's not Jazz; but that was pretty good music; especially considering it was created by a novice in 5 days.

I guess I take things differently than the two of you. The composition as whole is just not bad.

There are a lot of good singers who have terrible production and weak lyrics, so...

queenesther said...

admittedly, i took that new york times quote out of context. what you heard required way more than 5 days. more funds were released to him by the label exec after that time period so he could finish what he started.

when it comes to music, to each his own. my bottom line is, i like singers that can actually sing. i'm funny that way.

HappyBrownGirl said...

As a music appreciator who cannot sing a lick, I wish the mainstream music industry would STOP accepting applications and do an efficiency audit.

The airwaves are all clogged up and there is a reckless disregard for good cultural space being taken up.

I weep for a culture where Rihanna rules and Lizz Wright, for instance, does not. And that's not hate, that's just the truth.