Friday, September 26, 2008

the sarah palin interview

"when fascism comes to america, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross."  -- sinclair lewis

if you haven't seen cbs news/katie couric's interview with vice presidential candidate sarah palin, you should take a moment to watch this. it is, without question, an absolute flaming bombshell of a trainwreck. 

okay, here's my top three complaints/gripes/observations: 

1. i'm really grateful that ms. palin was interviewed by a woman so that no one could accuse the interviewer of sexism -- although i 'm sure they will, simply because she is female.  ms. couric asked the questions politely and respectfully and ms. palin was her usual friendly, attractive, evasive, misinformed, jingoistic, entitled, priveleged nasaly self. 

2. repeating your half-baked answer (which was really only a memorized soundbite in the first place!) to a valid question doesn't give it more substance or embue it with meaning, even when you say it slower and with more feeling and authority -- like ms. couric (and the rest of us) didn't hear it the first time.  ms. palin has a really bad habit of doing this.  her handlers/media wranglers/speech coaches should tell her that it makes her sound like an idiot. either that or they should put some other authoritative-sounding misinformation in her matrix.  

3. an interview on a nationally syndicated news program is not a take-home test.  you are supposed to answer the question fully and completely, when it is asked of you -- especially when it's something that you should already know. 

what are they calling her now -- dan quayle with a ponytail? hitler in high heels? i can't keep up. what's obvious is that this woman is getting a lot of scrutiny because  if john mccain wins this election, it's quite likely that she would have to take over as president sooner rather than later. let's face it -- he is old and he is NOT healthy at all.  that's why i want every media outlet everywhere to grill her like a cheese sandwich.  if she were anywhere near as competent as her republican fan base wants to believe that she is, that wouldn't be a problem -- so why did she fall apart with these easy, simple questions from "america's sweetheart"? 

simply put -- sarah palin doesn't know how to think critically and she doesn't know what she's talking about.  don't you go to a decent liberal arts college to learn how to think critically?  where did she get her degree -- a gumball machine?

 no wonder the rest of the world thinks that americans are idiots.

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