Monday, September 08, 2008

freedom of choice IS pro choice...isn't it?

i don't understand how vice presidential candidate sarah palin expects the government to stay out of her 17 old daughter's decision as to whether she will or won't have a baby because it's "a private family matter," yet she believes that the government should have the right to intrude into anyone else's private family matters to make this personal decision for them.

i'm not pro life or pro choice. i'm anti-fascist.

slowly but surely, this country is turning into a fascist state, owned by foreign interests, and run by american serfs who are too inebriated and overfed and materialistic to know or care about what's really happening. over half the people in this country who are eligible to vote didn't bother to do so in the last election. over one-third of african-americans -- that's 8 million for you counting at home -- are NOT registered to vote. the bottom line is, if you don't vote, you don't count. period.

do you know what the first sign of malnutrition is? APATHY.

check out the video clip above from the daily show, wherein samantha bee asks RNC attendees about the pro life/pro choice issue. no wonder the rest of the world thinks we're stupid.

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AJ Muhammad said...

What about the votes that aren't counted or purged due to fraud or malfunctioning voter machines (thanks Diebold!) such as in Florida during the 2000 election or the people who are prevented from voting as in Ohio during the 2004 election? I wish it was just as simple as if you don't vote you don't count, especially when the electoral college was set up so that every vote doesn't count from the get go.