Friday, June 01, 2012

30 days of birthday - day 1: gratitude

somehow, having some sort of a celebratory moment on the day of my birth -- june 30th! -- was never really enough.  awhile ago, i let it bleed all over the entire month, which isn't nearly as messy as it sounds -- but it can definitely be way too much fun.  the unfortunate truth is that sometimes, i have to plan my fun, just to make sure i'm getting enough of it.

my good time missive starts today, so help me jesus.

more than anything else, i am grateful to God for my life.  every single day that i wake up healthy and focused, in my right mind, overwhelmed with great ideas and the ability to make cool art is a precious gift from God that i can't take for granted.  every day is a gift.

apparently, i'm not finished yet. what's next?

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