Sunday, June 03, 2012

30 days of birthday - day 3: " backpack's got jets..."

i must say, i was profoundly disappointed that darth vader wasn't in attendance ad nauseum at the philly comic con. (i love that negro!)  actually, there was a dearth of star wars characters in general. everybody was way too busy flipping out over the avengers. lots of shirtless green children running around in flip flops. occasionally some little misfit from where the wild things are would pop up with a crown on his head, but no. no storm troopers storming the crowds. no straight guys with heavy duty facial hair dressed as princess leia. and no -- no darth.

thankfully, all was not lost. i did find boba fett.

don't be fooled. that gun was bigger than me. and his outfit looked real. a little too real, if you ask me. *sigh*

just in case you have absolutely NO idea who boba fett is, here's my favorite mc chris video that explains it all for you -- fett's vette. the first one has a vignette in the front that the drama queen in me just gushes over whenever i see it.

this one is just a straight up music video but the dancing sequences in it are so 1980s solid gold miss-jackson-if-you're-nasty, it's kind of irresistable, too.

i've had my star wars moments before, people. at this point, i'm way too much of a lady geek to not have a photo op with all of them eventually. (and yes, i'm STILL annoyed that i missed chewbacca yesterday.)

 stay tuned.

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