Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 days of birthday -- day 20: summer solstice

i spent the longest day of the year indoors, blasting the ac and blaring my favorite billie holiday box set -- chugging ice water, making lists, roasting chicken, working on my new idea, decluttering and reorganizing and swiffering, doing a severe amount of housecleaning, channel surfing and washing my ever growing natural hair. i got things done, i made progress. i ate clean -- even when i snacked.  (yay!)

good thing, too. the great urban outdoors was hotter than georgia asphalt this afternoon.  it's days like these that make me miss that southern heat that makes me feel as though something heavy is gently pulsating onto the top of my head with gentle thuds that make me walk like i've got absolutely nowhere to be for the rest of my life. and then all of a sudden, i realize oh, wow -- that's sunlight.

there maybe a moment that carries that kind of sweltering intensity up here in yankeelandia but those moments don't stretch into weeks and weeks. it's a day or two here or there. and then it's over. everything cranks down to somewhere in the low to mid 80s and nobody stops complaining about it.

i just want to slingshot each and and every single one of them into the barren hellish nothingness that is west texas in june so they can know what real heat feels like.

click here for my good news of the moment. (yippee!)

maybe i'll stay in tomorrow. if i keep this up, i'm going to attack my junk room with a vengeance before the weekend falls on top of me.

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