Wednesday, June 06, 2012

30 days of birthday - day 6: billie holiday

 i'm always giving myself books. today is no exception.

because of the billie holiday project  -- my show i'm writing/rewriting/reworking -- and the new idea i'm growing with dancer/choreographer francesca harper, my research on billie holiday continues. i've ordered yet another bio, another comprehensive box set and at the moment i'm listening to billie holiday: lady sings the blues, a beautiful npr jazz profiles documentary. i'm not necessarily digging for new information. i just want to be able to  read everything that's available. i'm constantly cross-referencing whatever i find against what i know and what i'm discovering. most importantly, i know that all of it will inform everything i create on this subject.

here's the npr documentary if you'd like to listen along with me, with nancy wilson navigating the listener through songs and interviews and all kinds of fascinating moments -- and abby lincoln as billie holiday herself, reading sections from her autobiography.

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