Saturday, June 09, 2012

30 days of birthday - day 9: incognegress

i've got a ton of unfinished work -- recordings, scripts, treatments and performance art -- that i'd like to complete within the next year. that, along with graduate school at nyu, potential workshops and artist-in-residency programs, on camera work and going on the road now and then means that i will be incognegress for the next year or so.  right now feels like a celebratory moment, of sorts -- the calm before the storm. i can pause and reflect and relax, and enjoy my friends and mpb, and thank God for all of it. its a beautiful life. i am truly blessed.

making art isn't tricky for me. i just open up and let it out.  i've never had writer's block or anything that would even remotely resemble it. there's always an avalanche of ideas overwhelming me at any given moment. i'd do a lot more if i had the money to pull it all off, but i suppose that's what any artist would say. 

this fall, i will be crazy busy. i will disappear into my work. it will be grand. and i will be gone. if i'm lucky, i will stay gone long enough to finish what i've started -- and who knows how long that'll take.

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