Saturday, June 09, 2012

30 days of birthday - day 8: guilty tv pleasures

i watch way too much television. i tell myself that i'm doing research as an actor because i have to watch what's on to know what's up in terms of casting and where i might fit in.  and it's true -- that's why i can write off my cable bill on my taxes.  i certainly don't watch as much as i used to when i was a little kid. but too much is too much. there are moments when i have to make myself leave my apartment and run a few miles, just so i can get away from the history channel. i've got some cool books coming to me before the end of the month, so that'll be a handy distraction.

i present these shows in no apparent order of course -- and with the express understanding that i am slightly addicted to the discovery channel, the history channel and the food network. so much to learn, so little time.

first up? celebrity ghost stories - seriously, i can't get enough of this show.  usually at night, right before i go to bed.

the second show i can't get enough of? the first 48 hours. if i had absolutely no talent whatsoever as a performer, i'd be a medical examiner.  every dead body is filled with clues.  they're as much of a detective as anyone in law enforcement. it's all just one gigantic jigsaw puzzle, putting all the pieces together to solve a murder.

then again, maybe i'd be a food historian. everyone is a chef these days. it's become so pedestrian. i'd want to know where everything comes from, what it all means, how it all fits together.  this spice, that vegetable.

last but not least? chelsea lately, starring chelsea handler. basically, she's this middle aged breezy blonde, a self-professed alcoholic who shoots her mouth off at random. and that's entertaining enough, i suppose.  she's obviously a hard worker and she's worth a lot of money.  good for her. for some reason, though, i began to pay attention whenever she would interview someone, probably because the dynamic was so stark, thanks to ms. handler's abrasiveness. its always interesting to see which starlets take control of the interview and knew how to handle her -- and which ones she simply runs over.

i also love the way ms. handler ran through 50 cent so thoroughly, he won't even discuss their relationship or the anatomy of what happened.  on the other hand, she talks about it whenever she feels like it.  this from the guy that takes a great deal of pleasure in denigrating women.

who doesn't love the hoff? what a showman...! 

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