Tuesday, October 21, 2008

straight talk, indeed

have you seen this?

in the video above from a palin rally in ohio on 10/12, casey kauffman reports for the english language version of the arabic language news network al jazeera -- the only independent news station in the middle east -- and displays a cavalcade of white, (lower) middle-class, mostly middle-aged and older, freaked out "good amerians" saying flat-out racist garbage about senator obama and his wife. it should be noted that this happened two days after senator mccain asked that everyone be more respectful during these gatherings -- and yet, it's his running mate that's fanning these flames, saying absolutely nothing to dissuade the crowd from yelling such incindiary things as "terrorist" and "off with his head" whenever senator obama's name is mentioned.

that's right: this claptrap gets broadcast worldwide. the whole world really is watching -- except of course, america. interestingly enough, no major cable news outlet and no major broadcast network's news program showed any of this. that's especially infuriating because in order for us to be the country that we think we are, we need to look at ourselves honestly and make changes. all of this open, up front talk is sparking some harsh realizations.

there's a reason why no media outlet will not address the gross inaccuracies that the mccain/palin campaign has made against senator obama --the "no, he's not a muslim and what if he were?" statement by colin powell said it best -- and all the fearmongering that goes with it. there's a reason why they speak at length about domestic terrorism and bill ayers and somehow never mention the Klu Klux Klan -- defined as this country's first domestic terrorist group -- the politicians that have been (and still are) active members in that organization, or how the federal government has never made a move to dismantle it. there's a reason why everyone is ignoring senator mccain's record on rev. dr. martin luther king, jr. day. there's a reason why the media won't talk at length about how high school graduate todd palin, gov. sarah palin's husband, was a member of the alaska independence party -- a group that wants to secede from "the lower 48".

i suppose they think that the racism will go away when the election is over, and all of it will be a non-issue eventually because we will all have moved on to the next. but if senator obama actually gets elected, this kind of outrage from "good americans" may be a taste of what's to come. for me, all of the seething fury and racism and bigotry that this campaign has erupted will continue to flare up on foreign news outlets as it festers right beneath the surface here at home -- until we talk about the things that no one wants to mention.

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