Wednesday, October 01, 2008

more, more, more...

more fallout about how patently clueless sarah palin is on the basics from jack cafferty's cafferty file in CNN's situation room. (in her interview with charlie gibson, she was not at all familiar with the bush doctrine.  where has this woman been since 9/11?  astonishing stuff...) what's disturbing at this point is how many neo-conservative republicans want her to step down for the good of the nation and her political party -- and how so many others insist that she's doing a great job.  like elizabeth hasselbeck on the view, for example. *sigh* 

are most republicans like ms. hasselbeck?  close-minded, unyielding and uninformed, blathering their way through any argument by talking over anyone else?  i'm not kidding when i say this: she has the intellectual maturity of a canned ham. seriously -- she is genuinely uninterested in considering anyone else's point of view, even when what she's saying (her vigorous defense of sarah palin to joy's hilarous observation) is pure idiocy.  she seems proud, that she is standing up to the liberals by spewing talking points like shrapnel. ew.

i don't want republicans to become democrats. i don't want to convert anyone to a particular way of thinking. i just want everyone to stop clinging to their ideology and listen to another point of view. ms. hasselbeck is a wierd case to me because she's on a show that's all about considering that other perspective -- and she doesn't do it.  if she's typical of what a republican is like -- because frankly, i don't know any -- we are going down like a freight train, a la freddy king.  but i digress.

i said all that to say this.

as we stand on the verge of tomorrow's vice presidential debate, i thought it would be a good idea to zip through these clips to get a glimpse of what the rest of the country is thinking. because like i said, i don't know any republicans.  

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