Tuesday, October 14, 2008

here she is...

yes, that's right. this is gayle quinnell in the video below -- the 75 year old grandma from shakopee, minnesota that got the chance to ask senator mccain a question a few days ago during a rally  in lakeville, mn. she thinks obama is an arab and a muslim and that he "pals around with terrorists" -- in spite of the fact that mccain told her that this isn't true and the journalists that interviewed her afterwards specifically said that obama is a christian.

here's my favorite passage:

dana bash of CNN: "his dad was muslim. barack obama has never been a muslim."

gayle quinnell: "yeah...but he's still got muslim in him. so that's still part of it."

the fact is that both of his parents were athiests and his father didn't take part in raising him. actually, obama only saw him a few times in his life.  none of that is conjecture on my part. those are facts that have already been verified many times over. but what does gayle care?

if that kind of idiocy doesn't blow your hair back, maybe this will: grandma quinnell spends her spare time at kinkos, xeroxing letters chok full of Information That Obama Doesn't Want You To Know and passing them out.  do people read these letters and believe what they say?  she says they do.  

why would any intelligent person believe any information that's unsubstantiated?  

i've said it before and i'll say it again: a lot of this country's problems would be fixed if everyone had a basic liberal arts education and if they would stop eating deep fried garbage.  a decent education and proper nutrition, folks. seriously.  who in their right mind is going to watch this video and not think that we really need to raise the bar?

i know everyone is giving senator mccain a special pat on the back and a modicum of nonpartisan respect because he told this lady that she was wrong about what she believes  -- and in so doing, his supporters believe that he has effectively silenced everyone who believes the things that she does.  the problem is that all of the hate and fear and racism that he and palin have been spewing ad nauseum has caused a LOT of damage.  who's to say that some "good american" redneck won't pop up at some rally and commit a violent senseless act because he believed what he was told at a mccain/palin rally, just as grandma quinnell does?

think about it: this woman is only 3 years older than senator mccain. now, that's scary.

no, that's not scary.  this is scary: at gov. palin's rally in johnstown ohio the next day, a "good american" brandishing a curious george monkey with a big obama sticker on it gets up close and personal with the camera. 

could someone please identify this man, so the world can call him out for his racist behavior? someone out there knows exactly who he is.

here's what happened when he got inside the rally -- and all of a sudden, he realized that the cameras were on him and he was on national television. (heh.)

that's right. he gave the monkey to the kid.

oh, boy. this election is really bringing out the best of middle america, isn't it.  God bless us, everyone.

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