Thursday, October 02, 2008

the rolling stone must-read about john mccain

if you haven't read Make-Believe Maverick, the ten page article in rolling stone magazine by tim dickenson about the real john mccain, please please please find a moment somewhere in your day that will allow you to sit and truly absorb this information.  it is well worth the read.

irregardless of political affiliations, facts are facts. it's one thing to blame liberal media for attacking conservatives, but there is no denying the truth.  there's simply way too much at stake.

we already know that physically he's a very sick man and that his choice for vice president is attractive and clever but ignorant when it comes to the affairs of state or even the basic tenets of her own party -- i can't believe that any thinking person would rush to defend her at this point, but they do -- so make no mistake whatsoever: if john mccain is who this article says he is and if he gets elected, this country's economy will go straight to hell with gasoline drawers on.

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Strumpet said...

Sounds like a great read. Rolling Stone still gets it sometimes.

I recently posted something on the financial crisis (sort of "The Financial Crisis For Dummies" ie. me) that puts things in very simple terms.

Some of it is still over my head.

Hi From New Orleans btw.