Thursday, October 23, 2008

November 4 Prophesy

hard to believe, but true: there seems to be a real movement toward positive change in this country, thanks to senator obama's dynamic, inclusive approach in his campaign. putting an end to what's begun at this point would be like trying to stop a wave from hitting the beach. i think the republicans know that this election could be won by a fraction of a percentage point -- and with faulty voting machines, voter fraud, disenfranchisement by typo, and the many who will simply stay home on november 4, senator mccain could win the election.

it's astonishing to think of it, and yet it's still true: there has never been a moment in this country when absolutely every single adult voted for their candidate of choice. american history is rife with one violent, bloody upheaval after another as everyone struggled for the right to vote and own land -- something that white men in this country have always been able to do, unless they were indentured servants. remember: over 122.2 million americans voted in 2004, the highest voter turnout since 1968 -- but it was only 60% of eligible voters. what about the remaining 40%? was their non-vote an act of protest?

zorland at the daily kos published a detailed guide that explains how to vote early, state by state. i've put in for an absentee voting ballot and if it doesn't arrive by this weekend, i'm going to cast my vote next week. in the swing states, people are turning out early in droves. some are predicting a record turnout at the polls.

what would happen if everyone voted? and can we really be the america we'd like to think that we are until they do?

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