Tuesday, October 28, 2008

five items of interest

  1. plot to assassinate obama and "shoot or decapitate 102 black people" disrupted -- interesting tidbit: these two neo-nazi skinheads met a month ago online. nevermind what the media is bothering to tell us. there are probably quite a few assassination attempts against obama that we don't know about. remember what happened in denver in august? and who knows if the government is in on it or not?
  2. barack obama "will be assassinated within months" if he wins the presidency -- anyone that seriously doubts as to whether or not an attempt will be made on senator obama's life if he wins doesn't live in the same america that i do.
  3. obama mask listed as terrorist costume on amazon.com -- unbelievable! when are "good americans" going to let go of the idea that this man is a terrorist simply because of his middle name?
  4. secret service order dallas police to stop screening for weapons at obama rally -- is anyone wondering why they did that, why the media virtually ignored it, and why no one has called them out on the rug for it?
  5. obama camp worried about surprise, complacency - not mccain -- ...and they're right. a high percentage of people in this country don't vote. with record turnouts for early voters, voting booths have already proven themselves to be problematic. if people are standing in line for as long as 2 or 3 hours and the machines are breaking down already, what's going to happen on november 4th?

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