Monday, October 13, 2008

home-grown terrorists

okay. i'm going to say it.

i don't understand how anyone in this country can go on about the threat of domestic terrorism and how wrong it is and not make any mention whatsoever of the klu klux klan -- defined by any real dictionary as a domestic terrorist organization -- and the way that they tortured, lynched, raped, murdered, bombed, assassinated and massacred african-americans and native americans and asian americans and many others for hundreds of years with scant interference from the state or federal government. as a matter of fact, the KKK is still very much alive and well, and they're still at it. so many in their ranks are guilty as sin itself, and they're completely and utterly free -- and in some communities, they are celebrated heroes. evidently, the federal government doesn't care about justice for the crimes committed against african americans.

that's right, mrs. carolyn bryant -- the accuser that got emmett till killed -- i'm talking to you. everybody knows where you live and that your children are protecting you at gunpoint. why do you suppose the federal/state/local officials won't come and get you and put you in prison where you belong? you make me sick. but i digress...

what about congressmen who are members of the klu klux klan or who are klan sympathizers? if it's true that "once a terrorist, always a terrorist" rule applies to ayers, does it also apply to membership with the KKK?  because if it does, there are millions of americans out there who are palling around with terrorists and who probably don't even know it.

here's a bright shining example of what i mean: robert byrd, a senior congressman from west virginia and a democrat, joined the KKK at the age of 24 and was unanimously elected exalted cyclops and kleagle (recruiter). he remained active in the klan for years and was proud to be counted amongst its ranks.  (see? i didn't even have to mention racist/segregationist/bigoted ol' strom, or the lovely daughter that came along after he raped the family's black maid.)

of course senator byrd is very sorry about his involvement with the KKK now. he's all set to apologize for it for the rest of his life -- because according to him, he'll never be able to apologize enough. here's what he had to say then about african-americans in the military in a 1945 letter to mississippi senator theodore bilbo:

"I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."


if obama is guilty of crossing paths with ayers -- because a crossing of paths is all their relationship has amounted to, really -- is it so farfetched to accuse politicians of associating with terrorists by mingling and socializing with the klan members in their midst?

and hey -- what about the secessionists? we all know about the racist militia groups and how they've grown exponentially in recent months. what about the fact that todd "the first dude" palin was a member of the alaskan independence party until as recently as 2002? yes, they're the ones that were seriously thinking about breaking away from the US and joining canada a few years ago. how patriotic is that?

but the fact that gov. palin refuses to see the national "home grown" terrorists in her midst -- even when she's probably married to one of them (and is one, actually) -- isn't the the kicker.

the kicker is that she would "read" an article in the new york times about obama and ayers (you and i both know one of her minions signed off on that one -- she wouldn't touch the times with someone else's hand), cherry pick her way through the facts, twist all of it into a hot steaming pile of jingoistic rhetoric and feed those half-truths to a seething crowd of republicans who are so full of fear that they are foaming-at-the-mouth ready to accept any reason to take a stand against obama. even if it's an outright lie.

the truth is, obama doesn't pal around with ayers -- or any other terrorist. they haven't spoken to each other since 2003. and what about the other politicians -- both democrat and republican, by the way -- that have worked with ayers over the years? why isn't anyone mentioning any of them?

so many in the republican party seem convinced that he's an arab, a terrorist, and that he's muslim -- when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. with every gathering, they are becoming increasingly agitated and violent. and racist. senator john lewis was right when he compared senator mccain to george wallace and the birmingham church bombers. he and palin are inciting a riot. God only knows which "good american" will take it upon themselves to show their patriotism with an act of violence towards obama, their percieved enemy.

here's the CNN report on the "terrorist" scare that gov. palin created.

...and here she is, taking the new york times article in question totally out of context.

and finally, CNN's truth squad debunks everything that gov. palin has said. we now know that obama doesn't pal around with terrorists.

now, how many "good americans" saw this report and ignored it because gov. palin said otherwise?

perhaps the real question that should be asked is, will the federal government step in and put an end to the mccain/palin race baiting and hate mongering? or are they going to keep this up until something bad happens?


agarthi said...

Please help stop the hate. Sign the petition to end incitement of hatred by McCain/Palin.

AJ Muhammad said...

I am so glad that Whoopi Goldberg brought up your same point on today's "The View" re: the KKK and their connection to politicians. But of course Elizabeth was denying that Palin's husband is a secessionist and poopooing the fact that Sarah spoke to this organization by saying that as the governor she was just doing her job. It is frightening how stupid Americans are when time and time again Obama has said that he's a Christian and how anyone can believe he's an Arab? I guess everybody who's Obama's complexion is an Arab in white America's eyes. Good thing they don't live in NYC!!! And even with McCain's bungled attempt at doing damage control in trying to steer his supporters away from thinking Obama is a terrorist, the media is as much to blame for perpetuating the lies put out by the McCain/Palin ticket.
But, supposedly McCain and Palin were told to back off with the fearmongering so they trying to go for a different angle. And on today's episode of Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, she has a guest who talks about McCain's unsavory connections that would put Obama's to shame!

queenesther said...

i saw "the view" today. hasselbeck's ignorance is nothing short of breathtaking. apparently, she's too daft to realize how much sense she doesn't make.

here's my question: would that point about the KKK and politicians have been made if a black woman wasn't at the table to make it? and what about the other politicians -- both republican and democrat -- that ayers has worked with in the past 40 years? why aren't we accusing all of them of "palling around with terrorists"? how much sense would that make?

i'll look for that episode of democracy now. meanwhile, let's sign that petition to end the fear mongering.