Saturday, June 03, 2006

the rehearsal space

the rehearsal space
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this has been the largest room of my work space for the initial 12 days of rehearsal in auburn, new york for "the buddy holly story." it's a gym on the 2nd floor of westminster presbyterian church, a stone's throw away from where i live -- a place called king's court, interestingly enough. right next door is queen's court. i think they're both haunted. actually, i think everything here is haunted -- but that's another conversation.

there are two other spaces in the church to flesh out movement and vocals respectively -- the loft and the junior room, where we all first met -- but this is the one where the rock and roll happens. and it needs to be. a part of what makes this show so wonderful is the fact that the music comes alive right in front of you -- not with any of the traditional trappings of musical theater like an orchestra pit but with guitar, drums and upright bass. really simple, straightforward stuff.

it's all been kind of refreshing for me, actually. listening to these three chord rock songs that are on the radio all the time, recorded by everyone. i first heard "it's so easy" by linda rondstadt when the eagles were her backing band. and i first heard james taylor singing "everyday" -- it still blows me away that buddy holly wrote that song. it has me rethinking my songwriting and song structure. not that it needed an overhaul but i'd like to give that three chord magic a try. there's something fresh and uncomplicated about it. maybe my ears needed a vacation. i know i did.

no one can figure out my part in the show when i tell them that i'm in it. here's a big fat clue: buddy holly and the crickets were the first all white act to play the apollo theater in harlem. i play the singer that shares the bill with them. i get to look beautiful and sing two or three songs with this massively huge showstopping moment in a gorgeous strapless gown. it's an unexpected moment and it ends the first act, so it's got to be action-packed. and it is.

my part is called "the apollo singer." go figure.

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