Tuesday, June 27, 2006

some birthday stuff

My birthday is June 30th. Here’s what I’m giving myself this year.
  1. A clean bill of health
  2. the AAA Voiceover package
  3. Hardback books for my personal library -- the musician’s handbook: a practical guide to understanding the music business; the cool girl’s guide to knitting; Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock, Sheryl Crow: No Fool To This Game, Goodbye Little Rock and Roller, 100 strokes of the brush before bed and last but not least a hardback edition of la princessa: Machiavelli for women, to replace the one in paperback that I wore out sometime last year.
  4. A basic facial from Mario Badescu
  5. A day at the beach with my friend – a bikini, a long walk, a picnic. the works.
  6. A hard shell case for my baby taylor guitar
  7. five new dresses
  8. two Enid Collins box purses
  9. a comprehensive mailing to jingle houses in NYC
  10. this one won’t happen by my birthday but I want it nonetheless – a MAC endorsement.

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