Sunday, June 18, 2006

a few parting shots

the finished product
this is what i look like when i'm ready to do my big "apollo" number. and no, i couldn't really walk in it. it felt as though my knees were roped together and i had to wobble everywhere. sitting down was never a good idea. and whenever i raised my arms, i felt as though i was about to flash someone.

by the time this picture was taken, i had lost about 10 pounds. i'm not there yet physically but at least i'm on my way. amazing, what a little make-up and a corset can do.

kim cool, hiding in my clothes!
this is kim cool, hiding in my costumes. all of 20 years old, from auburn, never been anywhere, way too much fun -- and she's a really good little stitcher. i am going to miss this girl. we didn't hang out enough. she is a hoot and a holler.

celeste breaks into song (
this is celeste sayles (whom i called celestial seasonings) as she bursts into song in the dressing room with "i will survive." celestial is a panic and a caution. we kept having beautiful moments onstage that had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on around us. it's always some other kind of wonderful when things like that happen out of nowhere. those moments made us jump for joy inside ourselves. actually, something in me still jumps whenever i think about it.

andrea, hard at work
this is andrea, who's always on her gig. she'll be there for most of the summer, in two more productions i think. they don't call it summer stock for nothing.

this is tristan, the drummer that everyone called "slick" -- probably because he's so wonderfully sweet and quiet and not like that at all.

before the show
this is what it looks like before the show as i step out of my dressing room.

and this is what it looks like as i round the corner...

the ciao cake
when i saw this cake, it actually made me a little sad...

of course, "strike" happened immediately after they cleared the house. all of the non-union actors attacked the set like their lives depended on it -- probably because they couldn't wait to get to the bar and get trashed. alcohol is overrated. mineral baths are not. i couldn't wait to get to my oversized tub for a nice long soak. believe it or not, it took about an hour or so to unhinge everything. they had 4 days to put in the next show.

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