Thursday, June 22, 2006

back in the saddle again

After a pit stop at Wegman’s for some vittles, a mandatory greasy lunch stop at Wendy’s (that's what you do on the road, isn't it?) which was remarkably good (like they made it that very minute just for us) and a gas tank fill-up somewhere in the bowels of New Jersey, Mark and I drove back to NYC in 4 hours, sans traffic, accompanied by lots of talk and advice, and Heart’s greatest hits. (My personal favorite: Dog and Butterfly. I haven't heard that since grade school.) All of that cement and noise and so many buildings coming at me all at once as we crossed the George Washington Bridge was a shock to my system. I love this city but when I think of what I left behind in Auburn – which looks a lot like my childhood environs in Atlanta and Charleston, respectively – it’s a bit of a let-down to be back.

See what I mean?

Having a roommate after living alone for so long was truly stultifying. My next big goal: to live alone.

My friend met me uptown and I told him stories as I unpacked – and boy did I have a lot of stuff. Thank God Mark had a truck! Later, we went down the hall to Paul and Chad’s apartment to get my mail. Their place is absolutely cavernous – two bedrooms, one full bathroom, a formal spacious living/dining room that overlooks the street and a side room and kitchen. When I told him how much they paid for rent (less than he does), his eyes glazed over. Harlem living. It seriously can’t be beat.

The very next day, I hit the ground running with an important meeting for my performance piece. thankfully, it went smashingly well.

Interesting news: I’ve got an audition on Friday for a part in an AEA showcase that’s a musical/cabaret act called “at least it’s pink” (don’t even go there). I’ve never heard of the singer Bridget Mellman but Kenny Mellman is Herb of Kiki and Herb fame. Love him. My manager is excited because the director also directed many episodes of Sex and the City, so in all likelihood as the saying goes, the show has legs.

I also hit the ground running, literally. I’m in the gym every morning, doing hard labor. And you know what? I don’t see any progress. I’m not giving up, though. What’s next? Studio work and gigs, lots of writing for the performance piece. Practicing guitar and piano a lot. Writing songs.

one sidenote: i guess the air conditioner i had in auburn was too good to me because as soon as the heat hit me on my first night back in my hotter 'n hell apartment, i surprised myself and bought an air conditioner. later, i remembered that i took both of my fans to the salvation army last fall because i knew that it would force me to buy one. i knew that getting it would be worth the sacrifice. and it is.

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