Thursday, June 08, 2006

a few candid shots

just thought you'd like to see what my work day world looks like these days.

i'm starting to have a lot of fun but that's usually when everything comes to a crashing halt and the show closes and its time to go home. the truth is, this is the vacation i really needed. and there's more work waiting for me when i get back to the city. thank God. more on that later. in the meantime...

this is my station. it's very very basic. thankfully, i don't need much -- in part because i know what i'm doing when i put on make-up.

this is what i look like when i'm almost finished. the dress i wear is strapless. i bundle up until i have to go on because it's always freezing backstage.

here's a glimpse of the guy's dressing room, about 20 minutes before the show starts. that's ryan with the mandolin, by the way. he plays the big bopper, amongst several other parts. in the opening, he's in "the hayriders" a country band that plays on a live broadcast out of lubbock, tx.

this is buddy holly and the crickets : (from l to r) devon on bass, chris on drums and eric as buddy on guitar.

this is lauren, the wardrobe mistress.

this is becky, the wig mistress.

this is lisa, the wig/hair designer.

this is sam, the dresser who lives under my skirt. my strapless gown has a petticoat that has to be readjusted when i put it on, so she gets down there and yanks it into position. what a gal!

the costumes get mended and cleaned constantly. needless to say, there's no food or drink allowed in the dressing rooms and there's no eating anything while you're wearing one. not even gum.

this is me and jermaine, noshing on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies at intermission in our underwear. he has got to be one of the funniest people i've ever met. we were on the bridge with carl for the top of act 2 (the three of us do a jingle for astoria cigarettes, which is apparently where buddy holly got the melody for "that'll be the day") and the stage managers kept flashing a light on us, to make sure that we were all there. so out of nowhere, jermaine blurts out, can't you see that we're all up here? what do you want us to do, open our eyes wider and smile? there was a pause, and then we couldn't stop laughing. i told him that he must've had a side of fruit of islam with his black power cereal that morning. trippy.

earlier today, he and mario gave me a bottle of newfangled strawberry gatorade that said "fierce!" on it. (i love strawberries!) needless to say, i have no intentions of ever opening it. speaking of mario...

here he is, working his magic. believe it or not, he looks exactly like john leguizamo. or fred ward. i can't decide which. he plays ritchie valens so well, the little old ladies have been calling the office asking about him. he says if there's a hot meal in it for him, he's down. i promised the local lady librarian that i would bring him into the library to sign her program. she's seen the show at least three times and i know she doesn't believe me. when i told him about it, i said oh -- i should have told her to bake you something! and for a moment he looked genuinely sad and said yeah, you should have.

this is daryl, the choreographer. she just graduated from nyu's tisch school of the arts with a musical theater major. i don't know how she puts up with my two left feet.

this is me and my friend, sitting inside green shutters cafe.

and last but not least: this is my favorite lunch (l) from the green shutters cafe (r) (that's what it looks like as you turn the corner to enter from parking) -- the most perfect cobb salad imaginable. everything is fresh, crisp and delicious. the cold things are cold and the hot things (the chicken, the bacon) are hot. yum.

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