Thursday, June 15, 2006

thank you, delphine

everyone is required to be in the theater 30 minutes before curtain and sign in on a call sheet but we can show up anytime before what everyone calls "half-hour" -- to stretch, to vocalize, to do whatever we need to do so we can perform at our best.

in film and tv, there's always someone sitting around ready to put your make-up on you and touch it up as the work day goes along. in theater, you do your own make-up. you have your professional brushes, your rice powder and everything else you need. it's one of those things you have to show up knowing how to do, or run the risk of looking mighty busted. it only takes me 15 minutes to put mine on. and no, i'm not exaggerating by a long shot. i know my face and i know what i'm doing, thanks to delphine mantz -- an equity performer that took me under her wing on my first non-union bus and truck tour. when she saw that i didn't have a clue, she took it upon herself to show me everything. we even took a trip to the local mall, to make essential cosmetic purchases. i can remember her leaning over my shoulder and telling me where to apply the color and how and how much. she did that every night for weeks until i could hear her voice on my shoulder, telling me what to do.

whenever i'm doing theater and i see anyone struggling with their make-up, i help them wholeheartedly. because once upon a time, that was me. and whenever i put on make-up, i send her a tiny heartfelt thank-you because she didn't have to help me at all. i mean, really. she could have sat back and laughed at me like everyone else did. but she didn't. so thank you, delphine.

one thing is for sure: nothing says "rank amateur" on this end of the business like not being able to beat your own face.

before i start
here's what i start with -- a bare, clean, well-moisturized face, warts and all. frankly, i'm very proud of the fact that i have clear skin. i was born with it and i've worked hard to maintain it. unfortunately when i gain weight, it happens in my face first, so i get a round look. more on that later.

first the base
the next step is foundation, of course.

eyebrows second
the first thing i'm going to do when i get back to nyc is pay my eyebrowist a little visit. i know you can hardly see them but they've grown in completely and are totally unmanagable. i've had to draw them in every night.

this is always a good idea. gives shape, definition. suddenly, my face isn't so round...

coloring in
this is a fun step. that reminds me -- i have to get some green eyeshadow when i get home.

this is sort of the homestretch.

silver lame eyeshadow
this stuff makes my eyes pop.

...and then ralph called
and then of course ralph called and we chatted while i finished up.

almost finished!
this doesn't look like i've got on any make-up at all! and i'm wearing gobs of it.

wig attachment
this looks like my hair from a distance. well. maybe up close, too. by the way, the body mic is inside of the wig.

almost done...
this band matches the dress and the flower ties it all together.

finished from the neck up!
..and here i am, ready to put on my gown.

i squeeze into my costume at the last possible minute because it's so tight, i can barely sit in it. hard to believe it was even tighter a few weeks ago. i wonder how much weight i've lost. i should check that at the Y tomorrow. i'm in the last half of each act, so i can sort of take it easy. sort of. more on that gown later.

interestingly enough, my goal this summer is to get an endorsement from MAC. (please pray for me!)

i don't wear make-up every day. only when i have to perform or audition for something. for some guys, if you're not wearing make-up, they don't think that you should leave the house. thankfully, my friend thinks i'm pretty without it but i really would like to learn how to put it on for daytime. i suppose that's oxymoronic -- putting on make-up to look like you're not wearing any make-up. hm. maybe i should stick to my clear skin routine and leave it alone...

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