Saturday, May 27, 2006

fever in, fever out

the fever broke.

everything was pushed back by an hour today and then we did a run through this morning with notes. after the lunch break, we reviewed the second act and worked on all the back-up singer movement stuff. everything is so much tighter than everyone thought it was, and i feel ultra-confident about everything that i'm doing. clearly, this week's hard work has paid off. thank God i'm not freaking out anymore. tomorrow we do a run through for the producers late in the day. it's starting to feel like fun.

i think everyone went drinking at a bar somewhere nearby. alcohol? ha. not me. i'm watching basic cable and giving myself a manicure/pedicure while noshing on stouffer's lasagna, all by myself, with my baby taylor within easy reach. and i'm in heaven! it's criminal, how happy i am right now. yessir, folks -- it just don't get no better than this.

the strange thing is, just about everything is closed already because it's memorial day weekend. the ymca won't open up until tuesday. sam's is definitely closed. and the mall is just not an option. i guess the more patriotic you are, the more likely you are to shut things down and put your flag out as soon as the weekend hits, so everyone will know whose side you're on. (and there's flags all up and down their main street.) in the city, everything will be closed but only on monday -- and everything only means "official" things, like banks and the post office. it's moments like this when i realize that nyc has spoiled me rotten. i'm so used to getting whatever i want whenever i want. when it's 3am, i can hit the post office and send packages, i can go to a bar or eat a meal or lounge in a cafe if i feel like it, i can hit the gym. i can even go bowling. i can even take public transportation to get to whereever i'm going. not so in auburn. or anyplace else that i can think of.

i hope i won't want anything before tuesday.

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