Sunday, June 05, 2011

three thousand words

the gig i had on friday at the lounge in edison ballroom was my idea of a good time -- the top notch band was in fine form, solid and relaxed and fun; the room was elegant and subdued; there was an open bar all night long with fredo ceraso of loungerati at the helm as bartender, so there was way more sitting and listening than there was swing dancing; media noche was a real pint-sized crowd-pleasing knockout, i must say; dj gaylord fields set the mood just right; and i got a chance to stretch out and explore billie holiday's earlier material.

the great news is that there were three photographers present -- joseph ritter who always takes such cool shots at the salon's events and selena, the aussie artist that's leaving in a week (unfortunately). selena and her galpal gill and i managed to take my portrait in front of the ballroom before the gig for a project she's working on, so huzzah for us. (!!!) she also shot video of us -- that was lovely, too...

selena shot the portrait on film, with the marquee above me and lights of times square behind me. can't wait to see what develops!

the third photographer was my permanent boyfriend, of course, who took the shots below. (yep, there's more coming...) enjoy!

oh, and by the way, the lads of joy are: andrew hall on bass, dave berger on drums, matt ray on keys and -- lurking in the shadows to my left, j. walter hawkes on trombone and ukelele.

ps: i'm wearing a bombshell dress by byron lars. (i LOVE his dresses!)

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