Wednesday, June 15, 2011

black music month video #5 - ice cube and tupac!

there's a lot of birthdays out there today amongst the rich and famous and especially the infamous -- but wouldn't it be interesting to have these folks stuck together in a room for a few hours? seriously, what on earth would they talk about?
  1. Neil Patrick Harris
  2. Waylon Jennings
  3. Harry Nilsson
  4. Courteney Cox, actress
  5. Jake Busey, Gary Busey's son
  6. Lash LaRue, western actor
  7. Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York
  8. Andy Pettitte, Houston Astros pitcher
two names that aren't on this list are featured in this video in a live performance. i would have to have my black card revoked if i didn't say happy birthday to ice cube and tupac shakur.

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