Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the latest "top ten" list - stuff i'm addicted to lately

these are a few of my favorite things that i'm obsessing over lately -- aside from boxing, well-researched (auto)biographies and pie crust, of course. and yeah, none of this is in any particular order. enjoy!
  1. bangable dudes from history: dead man porn for your still beating heart - girlie website the frisky has a feature called nerd girl porn that's interesting, cool and smart. i especially like the way they rethink historical figures and pop icons by sexualizing them and putting them in the now. it makes them more human. more real. and there's something erotic about looking such a familiar face in the eye as they stare down the camera. i love to read about the past, so bangable dudes from history (which i found via nerd girl porn -- and yes they feature both men and women, by the way) had me at the first sepia portrait. throw in a snarky color coded pie chart and i'm an instant fan. anything that can make someone like karl marx come alive in a totally unexpected way can't be all bad.
  2. 1930s day dresses - i think diane von furstenberg is right. if you want to feel like a woman, wear a dress. when women's clothing began to accommodate their busy day-to-day lives and around-the-clock glamour was no longer deemed necessary or practical, this is the kind of dress they wore: feminine, understated and just flat-out lovely. i'm starting to collect them.
  3. chococat - believe it or not, this is hello kitty's black friend. i'll be rocking this for awhile -- and springing it on my black grrlfriends whenever i can find any. apparently, its not easy to find.
  4. new! neutrogena ultra sheer body mist sunblock - this is a miracle in a spray can. imagine: no more smearing sun block in over my lotion before i run out of the house. with this, i can spray and go. i can even reapply it during the day the way i'm supposed to, for optimum results. it's waterproof, sweatproof, won't clog my pores, ultra light, not oily or greasy and i can wear it on my face. oh -- and it's cheap. i practically jumped up and down when i found it in the drug store. yippee!
  5. uptown soap company - i love these products. my personal favorite scent? black honey.
  6. tend skin - this is a miracle in a bottle. well. more like asprin in a bottle. the bottom line is that if you're going to shave, ladies, this is the stuff to use to make sure you don't get ingrown hairs.
  7. the hayman's tea cocktail at 67 orange - no, i don't like gin. but knowing the queen of england is highly partial to the stuff makes me wish i did. this is the perfect summer cocktail - made with earl grey tea, lemon and honey, no less! (and elderflower liquor.) *sigh* with all that going on, i can hardly taste the gin...
  8. kiehl's superbly restorative argan dry oil - i love shea butter - i wrote about this recently - but this dry oil takes the cake. i'd use it all the time, if i could afford it.
  9. adivasi masala chai - now that i've found this chai tea, i can't have the chai soy latte anyplace else except the mud cafe in the lower east side.
  10. clean plates - it's the way i eat out in gotham these days. what's great is that they've probably got your city covered, too.

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