Monday, June 13, 2011

mental health day

i'm going to take the day off to recover from all that eating and wandering around that happened in vermont. the great news is, i'm working on a new song cycle, i made headway with one of my newer ideas and i got a lot of writing done.

yikes! my birthday is almost here! i have no idea what i'll do to celebrate. probably go to a korean day spa all day and graze. oh, wait. i should do that the day before, and meet up with everyone the following evening. (ah...i LOVE it when a plan comes together...)

the (mostly intangible) presents that i've given myself every day have been full of joy. mostly, they've let to quiet, soul searching moments that have given me a fresh perspective, a lot of insight and closure -- and in the end, i realized that i'd emotionally outgrown so much of what i was wading through. ultimately, the only real choice was to forgive and let go and move on.

as half the year is about to come to a screeching halt, i'm making myself three promises:
  1. to have a drunken tea party at our place -- sooner rather than later
  2. to spar in the ring on a regular basis before the end of the summer
  3. to give myself a beauty day once a week (at least)
oh. and more pictures!

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