Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what i got for my birthday

something for every day of the month, in no particular order:
  1. selections from the 3 course tasting menu at MoMA's Terrace 5 with Los Angeles Brian
  2. an ice cream maker from williams-sonoma
  3. a fascinating bio on the curzon sisters
  4. a facial at queen jane day spa
  5. small, slight shopping sprees at kiehl's (musk "love" oil), h&m (a bikini) and sephora (murad's pomegranate facial peel)
  6. creating my own blackgrrl crossword puzzle
  7. slow but steady weight loss
  8. a bottle of ethiopian honey wine
  9. a moroccan oil gift package
  10. an impromptu guitar lesson from a stranger
  11. an afternoon of leisurely schivtzing with my permanent boyfriend at spa 88
  12. a jillion happy birthday wishes on facebook and twitter
  13. well-edited closets
  14. clearing out my junk room and finding cool stuff i didn't know i had -- like a pair of never worn still in the box with tags steve madden wooden high heels. *sigh*
  15. a movie every single day of the month (thanks, netflix!)
  16. tickets to a musical -- The Heights
  17. late night dinner at Fiorello's (a Roman cafe, ironically enough)
  18. in boxing class, learning how to pivot and lean in when i throw a punch for maximum impact
  19. writing a new song, every day of the month
  20. learning how to fingerpick on guitar (thanks, jon!)
  21. discounted spa treats for me and renee at jeniette
  22. an air conditioner in the living room (wow.)
  23. dim sum with the lovely lisa brown
  24. watching sokhna dance with mangos at lincoln center
  25. cocktails at dutch kills on a sunday with ralph, eric and cybel (and abe and ben)
  26. spending a sunny saturday afternoon wandering down the coney island boardwalk
  27. a surprise birthday party at covo (!!!)
  28. a beautiful painting from cybel
  29. a cool r. crumb book from sara jane
  30. and last but not least -- a stunning halter gown from renee

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