Saturday, June 12, 2010

i don't want to be famous

let's get one thing straight.

i don't want everyone to know who i am. or where i live. or who i goof off with.

i don't want to be harassed in public places, or followed through the streets like a common thief, or hounded and singled out whenever i'm recognized because of some acting gig i had.

i don't want people taking pictures of me at random. like when i'm eating salad with my fingers. or when it's laundry day and i'm wearing something especially filthy. or when me and my friends are on the beach, naked. or whatever.

i don't want a detail of security guards.
i don't want a stalker.
i don't want to be a prisoner in my own home.
i don't want people staring at me all the time.

i don't want to drive a big fine fancy car. i don't want a fleet of cars in my backyard. good grief. i don't even know how to drive. (yet.)

i don't want to be on cribs.
i don't want my personal private life on display.
i don't want to be easily found.

i don't want to be a celebrity, a glitterati, a media whore, an A lister, a B lister or any variation therein.

i don't care if i'm ever bankable as an actor or not.

i don't want handlers.
i don't want to give anyone my autograph.
i don't want to take pictures with strangers.

i don't want the minutae of my personal private goings-on -- however real or imaginary -- to be the fodder that sells magazines or tabloids or drives up internet hits or whatever.

i don't want anybody telling me what i can or can't do creatively -- or who i can or can't work with, for whatever reason. or where i can or can't go. or who i should or shouldn't hang out with.
i don't want anyone telling me what to do, period.

i don't want to be famous.

i am the antithesis of all that noise. i am an artist.

i am incapable of treating my art like a hobby because i am following my God-given creative impetus where ever it leads me.

to quote harlan howard - He wrote the songs -- i held the pen.

more later.

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