Sunday, June 06, 2010

an impromptu beauty day

i must be pretty serious about conditioning class because went to modell's and got a pair of boxing gloves today, and a set of pink hand wraps to go with them. i just couldn't take using the gloves at the gym anymore. they're way better than nothing but most of them are falling apart. and as if that weren't bad enough, they have the worst stench imaginable. my hands reek when i'm done - like i've been handling rancid meat. i have to soak them in hot soapy water and antibacterial solution before i go home because i don't want to carry that funk with me on the train. when i don't wear my hand wraps, it's even worse.

and then of course afterwards, i paid my eyebrowist a visit, got a mani/pedi and had a salad at one of my favorite spots in soho. because evidently, i'm such a lady.

i'm supposed to have a beauty day once a week because i learned a long time ago that if i wanted to look a certain way, i had to give myself over to that on a regular basis. that's just a holdover from theater/musical theater, when i was doing 8 shows a week with one day off and i'd spend that one day off in a spa. now that the weather has turned great and i'm getting into the habit of riding my bike everywhere, i have to up the ante. i need to sit in a steam room after every conditioning class, especially if i'm going to ride my bike home. what am i saying. i need it, regardless. and a banya once a week? glorious.

egad. what am i saying? boxing gloves? eyebrowists? russian bathhouses? yes, new york city is turning into an expensive generic nondescript strip mall, yes, everyone is leaving to make art elsewhere, yes, i can't afford it. but hey - it's still new york city. even when things are supposedly pretty bad, they're still pretty good.

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