Tuesday, June 22, 2010

top ten - the stuff i love

stuff i love...
  1. the taco truck on 145th between broadway and amsterdam. i haven't had chicken chalupas that good since i ate at seis salsas in austin texas (the nation's capital) way back in the 90s.
  2. the murad pomegranate exfoliating facial mask. murad products make my skin glow and this facial mask is a little miracle in a packet. whenever i slather it on (usually in a steam room), i can feel it eating away at the dead skin on my face. delicious!
  3. wall street bath and spa - if i want to go to a real russian banya in manhattan (because the russian/turkish baths on 10th street are neither russian nor turkish) that's not expensive and hassle free, i go here.
  4. as a musician, artistdata.com lets me update everything, all at once.
  5. i love old cool guitars -- probably because i can't afford to spend thousands on the kind of stuff that everyone else plays. i think that vintage danelectro guitars are twang-tastic. i want one with the amp in the case. and yes, i'm looking for a teisco del ray.
  6. those gigantic incredibly delicious chocolate chip cookies from tiny little levain bakery. absolutely without question the best chocolate chip cookie i've ever had, bar none.
  7. listen up, ex-pat texans: they're serving migas for brunch at good enough to eat. and they're so good, it's actually a little wacky. just goes to show what wonderful things can happen when the chef/owner steps aside and lets the tex-mexicans make what they know. by the way -- i've never had migas anyplace else in this town. if you have, let me know.
  8. i lovelovelovelovelove boxing.
  9. i lovelovelovelovelove my guitar coach.
  10. believe it or not, i actually have a cremier-fromager. and i love him, too.

1 comment:

AJ Muhammad said...

I have to say that I have had one of those Levain cookies and I wasn't impressed!

I do love cookies from Insomnia Cookies though!

Now those are the ones to beat!!!